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Load balancer cloud servers

Load balancers

Enjoy a managed, optimised, distributed environment with advanced monitoring and real-time usage statistics in just a few simple steps.

Accelerate your cloud


  • 24/7/365 support available as standard
  • Latest-generation load balancer infrastructure
  • Fully managed by dedicated experts
  • Enterprise-grade SSD cloud availability
  • Throughput ranging from 50–200 mbps
  • On-demand real-time usage statistics
  • Advanced monitoring services
  • Maximised throughput and output
  • Default SSL termination
  • High-performance capacity utilisation

Why load balancers?

Discover true high-performance cloud with managed load balancers from DediServe. Optimise computing resources and better distribute workloads to improve performance. With best-in-class hardware managed by a team of dedicated experts, you can accelerate your environment and meet your high availability requirements.

Optimised resource use

Remove the challenge of resource management. Utilising load balancers with SSL termination, you can eliminate resource overload once and for all.

Ultimate availability

Boost cloud performance. Fully-managed by DediServe, your load-balanced environment will maximise throughput and minimise response time, increasing cloud capacity and reliability.


Seamless scalability

Gain the flexibility you need. Load balancers from DediServe can scale as your users and traffic grows, meaning you can easily handle huge, unexpected and instantaneous spikes.


Reduced network congestion

Say goodbye to bottlenecks. Our managed load balancers maximise speed and capacity utilisation to ensure that no one server is overworked, putting an end to resource congestion.

Advanced monitoring

Discover true dependability. Trust DediServe to monitor, review, and optimise your load-balanced environment to achieve the maximum output possible.


Powerful hardware

Take advantage of latest-generation infrastructure. Maximise your resource usage, simplify cloud management, and optimise response time with the very best hardware.

Cloud load balancer

Boost performance and take advantage of a fully-managed, reliable, optimised environment in a matter of minutes.

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