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Build better applications and websites using the world's fastest managed cloud and VPS platform, safe in the knowledge that you're backed by a team of experts, on-hand 24x7x365. Try us completely free for 72 hours with no commitment to upgrade.

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  • 72 hours unrestricted Cloud Resource access
  • Access to all Linux, BSD and DediApp templates
  • Windows templates available upon upgrade (must be licensed)
  • Auto-backup scheduling and secure firewall
  • Full API access via access token
  • 2GB bandwidth allowance (increased upon upgrade)
  • VPS will suspend at end of trial, but will be held for 1 month
  • Can upgrade at any time, during or after trial
  • Upgrading will allow full access to all templates, lift bandwidth limit and unsuspend trial VPS
  • Control your trial Cloud Resource from our Mobile Apps!

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Why DediServe?

We believe strongly that we have the best infrastructure, the best software and the best support team to provide a service that is above and beyond the competition. With benchmarks and testamonials in spades to back up our claims, we also understand that sometimes it's better to simply get hands-on and see what the fuss is about.

Enjoy a 72 hour free trial of our services to see exctly how we can speed up your workload, reduce costs and provide a level of support not found with any other global cloud provider

Scalable Cloud

Total flexibility

 Effortlessly scale your cloud capacity up and down, receive credit for unused resources and use it to scale back up when required.

Private LAN Network

Private LAN Network

Create a private LAN network for your Fast VPS Instances in one click and enjoy unlimited internal traffic speeds of up to 20Gbit!

Secure Server

Secure Servers

DediServe is ISO 27001, 22301 and 9001 accredited, amongst others, and recognised as GDPR and Irish Data Protection Act compliant. We tick all the boxes!

Enterprise Cloud Servers

Enterprise Cloud

Our clouds are built from the ground up to be fully redundant. Every global cloud enjoys dual uplinks and power feeds, a highly-available private network and off-cloud backup storage arrays.

Easy to use Interface

Easy to use control panel

Powerful and intuitive interfaces and tools at your disposal. One-click deployment, firewall, backup, and private network features as standard, no expert required!

Reliable Billing

Reliable billing

Never get hit with an unexpected bill again! Select your specification, and enjoy the flexibility to upgrade/downgrade mid-term at no penalty. No hidden fees, no contracts, ever.

Dediserve Trial

Perfect for resellers, power-users and developers - Plug into the full-featured cloud today!

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