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Modules, Apps and APIs

Use our custom reseller modules to instantly begin selling Dediserve clouds directly to your customers, control your Cloud servers from anywhere using our iOS and Android apps or dig deep into our comprehensive RESTful API.

Reseller Modules
API Guide


  • Free WHMCS and Hostbill reseller modules
  • Resell single VPS or Cloud Resources
  • Simple installation, guides provided with downloads
  • Resellers can apply for partner status and associated discounts
  • Create, manage or delete cloud servers on-the-fly with our mobile apps
  • Available on iOS and Android
  • Apps and modules updated regularly
  • Extensive API to work with
  • Direct API access provided with every Cloud Resource

Dediserve iOS AppDediserve Android App

DediServe Modules, Apps and APIs.

We provide our users with complete control over their Cloud Resources. If you're a reseller, you can use our modules to plug into our clouds and sell our services white-label, effortlessly. All users can benefit from our mobile apps, allowing complete remote management of your VPS from anywhere, available on both iOS and . And developers will benefit from learning and employing our extensive API with their applications


Universal Access

On-demand access anytime, anywhere. With modern, easy-to-use mobile apps and desktop interfaces, you don't need to be a professional to operate our cloud.


Dependable Security

All access between your software and Dediserve clouds is totally secure. Our clouds communicate using 100% encrypted traffic and our reseller modules are designed to only operate with your specific API credentials. Secure end-to-end.


Effortless collaboration

Available to your teams on any platform. Share, collaborate and communicate within and across your organisational boundaries.


Unlimited scalability

On-demand flexability. Once you've sold your current Cloud capacity through one of our reseller modules, scale up in seconds to allow more room for new customers! No barriers to entry, simply scale up and down as you need.


Exceptional control

Create, manage and terminate VMs all from our WHMCS/Hostbill modules. Once installed into your billing suite, you'll never have to look at our GUI again, unless you want to!


Enterprise-grade compliance

ISO 27001, 23301, 9001 accredited and recognized GDPR and Irish Data Protection Act compliant. We tick every box!

Dediserve Apps Modules and API

Perfect for resellers, power-users and developers - Plug in to our full-featured cloud today!

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