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Fixed instances


Fixed instances

Save time tinkering with resource pools, and take advantage of a fully-managed high-value hardware, software, API and feature-rich enterprise cloud solution.

Simplify your cloud


  • Round-the-clock, on-demand patching, security and updates
  • 19-node Global AnyCast DNS platform
  • Highly-available server-to-server private LAN
  • High-value NFS and CFS mounted NAS storage
  • Enterprise-grade Intel Xeon Gold Processors
  • On-demand scalability, APIs, and features
  • 24/7/356 support available as standard
  • Daily, weekly or monthly auto schedule snapshots
  • Comprehensive and powerful platform-based firewall
  • Latest-generation server and blade infrastructure
  • Enterprise-grade SSD Arrays with SSD Drives
  • Permanent HTML5 KVM Console

Why fixed instances?

Discover the simple answer to enterprise-grade SSD cloud with fixed instances from DediServe. With pre-configured resources running on the best hardware, our enterprise-grade instances are ready to deploy at a click of a button. Remove the headache of resource orchestration – effortlessly provision fixed instances and begin your OnApp journey today.

Pre-configured cloud resources

Pre-configured resources

Remove the headache of resource management. With powerful, pre-configured instances, enjoy fixed, enterprise-grade SSD cloud in minutes.

Fixed Instance Deployment

Instant deployment

Get up and running instantly. As soon as you click deploy, the DediServe cloud orchestration takes over and spins up your instances in your desired data centres.

Fixed Instance Support

Unrivalled support

Expert, round-the-clock support as standard. Find a team of dedicated experts with the expertise to help you get the most from your resources.

Fixed Instance Servers

Exceptional hardware

Enjoy the latest-generation servers. Speed-up deployment, simplify management, and optimise workloads with best-in-class infrastructure.

Fixed Instance SSD Storage

Best-in-class storage

Discover ultra-fast SSD storage. Ensure reliability and performance with SSD Arrays with data centre-grade SSD Drives.

Fixed Instance Processors

Enterprise-grade processors

Best-in-class processors as standard. Move away from CPU limits and throttles and improve stability and predictability with true, server-grade Intel Xeon processors.

Fixed Instance

Embrace simplicity and take advantage of a fully-managed, powerful SSD cloud solution without the headaches.

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