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DediServe vault

Gain secure, on-demand access to your files anytime, anywhere – experience true enterprise-grade collaborative storage. With password-protection, time-limited email, social sharing, and desktop, Android and iOS apps.

Take back control of your data


  • Free 10GB storage allocation
  • Powerful on-server and end-to-end encryption
  • Real-time collaboration and remote access
  • ISO 27001 compliant
  • Simple deployment, configuration and integration
  • Powered by Nextcloud


Why DediServe vault?

DediServe vault is flexible, collaborative storage made easy. As a cloud storage platform designed with collaboration in mind, our service allows you to effortlessly share documents across your organisation while maintaining security and control. Boost productivity and performance, improve collaboration, and regain control of your data.


Universal access

On-demand access anytime, anywhere. With modern, easy-to-use web interfaces, desktop clients and mobile apps, instant access has never been easier.


Dependable security

Vault by name, vault by nature. Designed to act as a secure storage facility that you alone control, DediServe vault enables you to grant and revoke authorisation whenever you need.


Effortless collaboration

Available to your teams on any platform. Share, collaborate and communicate within and across your organisational boundaries.


Unlimited scalability

On-demand flexibility when you need it. Effortlessly scale storage capacity up to meet both you and your users’ needs.


Exceptional control

Unparalleled control from mobile, desktop or the web. Choose data access and sharing capabilities from the list of pre-approved users and groups.


Enterprise-grade compliance

Protect, control and monitor data and communication. Guarantee compliance with business and legal requirements.

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Regain data security, embrace collaboration and experience on-demand access to your files anytime, anywhere.

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