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Dedicated OnApp HV


Dedicated OnApp HV

Combine the scalability and resilience of public cloud infrastructure with the isolation, security and total control of dedicated physical hardware.

Discover dedicated performance


  • Highly-redundant, enterprise-grade hypervisors
  • Dedicated compute and storage servers
  • Single-tenant multi-virtual server architectures
  • Zero contention for resources
  • Powerful, latest-generation server and blade hardware
  • Highly-secure connectivity between public resource and dedicated infrastructure
  • Round-the-clock monitoring, patching, security and updates to your host
  • Enterprise-grade Intel Xeon processors
  • Daily, weekly or monthly auto schedule snapshots
  • Permanent HTML5 KVM Console
  • Enterprise-grade NFS and CFS mounted NAS storage
  • Unrivalled support 24/7/365

Why Dedicated OnApp HV?

Experience the best of both worlds with Hybrid OnApp from DediServe. Combine the best private hardware with highly-available public infrastructure and discover the true power of enterprise-grade hybrid cloud. Effortlessly deploy dedicated, public-cloud-ready servers to create your ideal hybrid architecture and enjoy your very own cloud, just the way you want it.

Dedicated performance

Dedicated performance

Enjoy true high-performance. Eliminate the impact of resource contention with high-intensity workloads, and stay safe in the knowledge that every ounce of power is yours to control.

OnApp security

Additional security

Dependable security you can rely on. Take advantage of the enhanced protection of a single tenant platform with physically isolated compute, storage and networking layers.

OnApp Support

24/7/365 support

Unrivalled, round-the-clock support as standard. Let us take care of all patching, management and operation of your dedicated hardware so, right out of the box, you’re ready to go.

OnApp Extras

Additional extras

Enjoy powerful features. Benefit from centralised snapshots, backups, monitoring and template support, as well as access to additional NAS storage and more.

OnApp Hardware

High-value hardware

Discover the very best hardware. Experience the latest-generation server and blade architecture, data centre-grade SSD drives, and best-in-class Intel Xeon processors.

OnApp cloud control

Total control

Your cloud, your way. Gain full access to your cloud, create unlimited VMs within the boundaries of your hardware, and move existing public cloud resources to your dedicated cloud freely.

Dedicated OnApp HV

Experience the best of both worlds with a dedicated OnApp HV solution – build your perfect cloud and experience the true power of OnApp.

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