Hybrid cloud servers now available

Aidan | Announcements | 04 August



We're very excited to offer physically dedicated servers in all 15 locations, enjoy the best of baremetal and cloud, combined.

What is it?

Physically separate hardware, dedicated to you, that you can mix with public cloud services giving you the flexibility you need depending on your requirements.

Use public cloud for dynamic loads such as web or application front end servers, and deploy dedicated hardware for intensive workloads like databases, or for tasks requiring physical isolation.

As a hybrid component of our enterprise Public Clouds, you benefit from centralised Snapshots, Backups, Monitoring and template support, as well as NAS Storage access and more .

Built on only the very best hardware. We provide and run only HP BL460C latest generation Blade servers with all SSD enterprise  storage and the latest E5 processors. No budget hardware, no 'white box' solutions.

Pricing starts at just € 499.95 per month and allows you to install

Xen Cloud    KVM Cloud  VMware Cloud


For more details check out our website on Hybrid or speak to your account manager today

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