New Product Launch & WebSite Refresh

Aidan | Announcements | 27 July


You might have noticed a slight change to the website recently, we have now rolled out both Hybrid and Baremetal private clouds. By offering both solutions customers can now avail of a large range of options such as Xen, KVM or Vmware running on their own completely dedicated hardware.

Our hybrid option allows customers to mix and match with our public cloud should they have more resource intensive applications that require access to all physical resources on a hypervisor. Check our hybrid page for more details

Our private cloud option allows you to take full advantage of dediserves expertise in building cloud platforms to now offer your own completely dedicated cloud platform in anyone of our 15 global locations. You have full control over all configuration as well as software running on your platform. Check our private platform page for more details

Looking for true 100% availability - spread your server application across multiple web and database servers all via a private Gbps LAN check out our load balancers for full details

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