Some small GUI enhancements!

Aidan | Changelog | 19 February

We love our GUI, it makes our service clean, simple, easy to use, but extremely powerful and flexible! Here are a few small improvements we've added in our most recent patch.

1: Force Off option

Force off button

You can always power your server on and off using the standard power toggle which tries to gracefully shut your server down. Now we've added a small new feature for when your server has hung or is not responsive. Force off is the cloud version of pulling the power out of the back (or holding down the power button) on a physical server. Once it's done, just power up in the normal way.

2: Snapshot Scheduling

Schedule Snapshots

Under the Storage Tab, you'll see a list of your disks. You can (as well as scaling and snapshot-ting) now Configure Schedules for snapshots.

The default "auto snapshot' is a daily rotation (one snapshot per 24 hours, based on when activated).

Snapshot Schedules

Bear in mind you will still need enough Snapshot Storage to accommodate.

3: Add Disks

You can now add Disks to your servers in the GUI. Just click Add Disk from the Storage Tab and you can complete the options.

Disk Add

That's it for now! If you've any questions about any of the changes, just let us know!

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