Reverse DNS now manageable through the GUI

Aidan | Changelog | 23 June

We've been working hard this year on bringing improvements and enhancements to all elements of the dediserve service.

One of our single most common support tickets, is the creation or management of Reverse DNS records (also known as PTR or rDNS or sometimes even RevDNS). These special DNS records point IP addresses back at the domain name that uses them. Closing this 'loop' typically ensures better email deliverability and a more trustworthy service.

Ideally, your Reverse entry should mirror your Forward Entry - ie: be the mirror of your servers primary A record and hostname.

For example: Your server hostname is

Your server IP is

Your Forward DNS would be an A record pointing to

Your Reverse DNS would be a PTR record pointing back to

To set this up in the dediserve GUI simply click in to the relevant resource pool, click on the server, then on the network Tab.


Reverse DNS option


On the sub menu, click on Reverse DNS, and you can enter and edit the settings here.

Setting Reverse DNS at dediserve

Click Update, and you are done!

We've added details to the KB here

The all new DNS cluster and other networking changes that have made this possible, will also allow us to bring fully whitelabel IP ranges to our partners in the coming week!

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