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As a CloudFlare Optimized Partner, we are thrilled to offer the CloudFlare Railgun™ technology to all our customers for free.

Railgun is CloudFlare’s latest performance optimization technology that gives you significant improvements in site load times. Grab a cloudflare account by clicking here and any sites you add to cloudflare will automatically be enabled with Railgun!

What is cloudflare?

What is Railgun?
Railgun accelerates the connection between each CloudFlare data center and an origin server so that requests that cannot be served from the CloudFlare cache are nevertheless served very fast.

Approximately 2/3 of requests to sites on CloudFlare are served directly from cache from the data center that is physically closest to the person surfing the web. Because CloudFlare has data centers around the world this means that whether you are in Bangalore, Brisbane, Birmingham or Boston web pages are delivered quickly even when the real, origin web server is thousands of miles away.

CloudFlare’s ability to make a web site appear to be hosted close to web surfers is key in accelerating web surfing. A web site might be hosted in the US, but accessed mainly by web surfers in the UK. With CloudFlare the site will be served from a UK data center eliminating the costly delay caused by the speed of light.

But the other 1/3 of requests made to CloudFlare have to be sent to the origin server for processing. This happens because many web pages are not cacheable. This can be because of a misconfiguration, or, more commonly, because the web page changes frequently or is personalized.

Quick facts

  • Web optimization that eliminates delays caused by the speed of light
  • Works for all websites, including dynamic sites
  • Achieves 99.6% compression ratio
  • On average, 200% performance increase

Read on for additional details and instructions:
Railgun ensures that the connection between our network and the CloudFlare network is as fast as possible. Railgun achieves a 99.6% compression ratio for previously uncacheable web objects by using techniques similar to those used in the compression of high-quality video. The average website can expect a 1.43x performance increase.

We have made it simple for our customers to get the benefits of Railgun with one click. For additional information and instructions on how to activate, visit the knowledgebase

If you are an existing cloudflare customer directly and wish to access our railgun servers for your servers hosted with us, simply open a ticket with them and they will enable it on your account.

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