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2014 May 20 - GUI Updates

Written by Aidan | 20 May

A few more small GUI improvements to share with you today!

- Rebuild Network

In your Server Detail view in the GUI, under the Network Tab, when you add or remove IP addresses, the platform will very helpfully insert the updated configuration into your servers networking config. With this update, you now have the option to 'force reboot' and / or 'required startup' which will stop the server, insert the config, and boot it, or insert the config and boot a stopped server respectively. This gets around issues where security settings in many servers (most notably Windows servers) would prevent the platform from inserting the configuration previously.


- Firewall rule improvement

We've added a quick and painless way to Accept or Drop all packets from an IP or Range. Simply leave the Port field empty when submitting the rule, and the platform (once you click to Apply Firewall Rules) will now drop or accept any communication from the Source Address specified.


As always, if you've any questions, comments or feedback, we are here to help!