Network Upgrades And New Features

Aidan | Changelog | 13 May


We're delighted to introduce a brand new storage product into our Cloud platforms as a result of our massive investment and upgrade program across all platforms over the last 12 months.

The new storage service provides you with NFS, CIFS services powered by the Enterprise Grade Synology RS2212RP+ storage arrays which features 20Gb/s of connectivity through dual 10GbE interfaces giving you the ability to scale up to 136TB of storage.

Each of your virtual machines can now gain access to a dedicated 5Gb/s network interface connecting you directly to the new storage arrays rather than through your existing production network interface giving you exceptional performance.

These new network interfaces will give you direct access to the NFS network via internal IP addresses, for an additional layer of security.

In addition, available free with all machines, clients can now add private LAN gigabit nics to servers and create internal connections at local gigabit speeds between multiple servers!

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