Winner of our iPad Giveaway!

Aidan | Announcements | 27 November

Many thanks to all those who submitted feedback and testimonials as per our last newsletter!
You can see some of the those on our updated customer page here!

We are delighted to announce the winner of the iPad is Andy York!

Andy is the Founder and Chief of

RMweb, which started in March 2005, is the busiest online railway modelling community in the UK with a membership of around 15,000 attracting an average of over 85,000 unique visitors per month and continues to grow in terms of membership, traffic and content and ranked as the fourth busiest site in railway modelling in the world according to

Andy commented, "I didn't write the testimonial to try and win an ipad but simply because a testimonial for the Dediserve team is genuinely deserved. Anytime I have to contact anyone for anything it's always exceptionally friendly and effective; a world away from getting the usual runaround when you're battling with a software provider, or indeed previous hosting companies we've used. I'm sure we all find dealing, in our private lives, with utilities, retailers and public authorities hard work and you dread having to pick the phone up or send an email; Dediserve could show the rest of the service world how to do it and we'd all have much happier lives!"

Congratulations Andy, we hope you enjoy your new iPad and that Rmweb continues going from strength to strength, powered by the dediserve clouds!

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