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Flash Nodes Now Live

Written by Aidan | 12 November

We're delighted to roll out the latest product from our R&D team based on extensive feedback and ongoing dialogue with our customers.

Flash Nodes are designed with Flash I/O and Ultra high performance HP Blade servers to deliver the power and throughput required by extreme database activity. Add a Flash Node to your architecture today, and benefit from the fastest cloud servers available

Here are as many of the frequently asked questions we could think of about the dediserve Flash Nodes offering. We’d love to hear from you if we’ve missed any or to discuss specifically how the solution might meet your needs.

  • What is a Flash node?

    Flash nodes are special, single server node pools with access to ulta-high performance Flash Storage, and running on dedicated Hypervisor Groups.

    Dedicated Hypervisor Groups, ensuring extremely low density and maximum CPU and IO Access
    Access to near-zero-latency Flash Storage Pool for ultimate IO

    Perfect to compliment regular cloud nodes for high IO functions.

    High activity databases
    Microsoft SQL
    High IO Applications
    Magento, OScommerce and similar
    Busy Forums and Social Community Sites
    Busy cPanel and Shared Hosting Servers
    Microsoft Exchange Clusters
    Busy Email Platforms

    Basically, any specific high IO / low latency requirement is ideal for Flash Nodes, and you can still use regular nodes to build web, application and other tiers in your architecture.

  • What is the Flash Storage Pool?

    At dediserve we deploy only enterprise grade infrastructure, at great prices!

    All of our clouds are build using HP Blade servers, Cisco 10gbps Networking and NetApp SAN with over 40Gbps of capacity to each Hypervisor.

    Our Flash Nodes, run dual HP / Fusion IO Flash Modules in each Flash Node Hypervisor.

    The Flash Modules deliver:

    IO Bandwidth up to 900MB/sec
    Latency under 50 microseconds

    We have benchmarked, with CentOS Entperprise Linux broadly as follows

    140,000 random-read IOPS 1k block size, queue depth 64
    115,000 random-write IOPS 2k block size, queue depth 8
    760 MB/s read bandwidth
    680 MB/s write bandwidth

    So, if you need highly stable, extremely performant, near zero latency IO for your database or application, Flash Nodes are for you.

  • Where are Flash Nodes Available?

    At this time, Flash Nodes are available in our newest cloud in New York, NY, USA.

  • How do I use a Flash Node?

    When you order and deploy your Flash Node, the server will automatically provision with the template you choose and with it’s boot disk running on our standard SAN architecture.Once deployed, you just need to mount the Flash IO drive to your server and install your application or database, placing the IO critical components on the Flash Drive.

    We are here 24/7 if you need any help with getting up and running!

  • Can I add more Flash or add some to my Cloud nodes?

    Not at this time no.

    Flash nodes are delivered on a specialised, highly optimised and isolated pool of Hypervisors. Access to the flash storage is available only to Flash Nodes, and the simple ratios we are offering ensures we can offer this incredible, enterprise grade storage, at a tiny price!

    If you need to increase the Flash Storage, simply upgrade to the next Flash Node option available.

  • Can I backup my Flash Node Storage?

    Yes, as normal, you can activate on demand and auto backups for your flash node, as well as deploying your own backup solution, or backing up the Flash Storage to your Flash nodes regular SAN space.