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New simplified, flexible SSL Generator

Written by Aidan | 30 October

As part of our ongoing enhancements and fixes and passion for responding to customer feedback we have amended our current SSL order forms - we now offer a very simplistic easy to follow SSL cert order form and generator for your websites.

To order your SSL cert, you can now follow these very simple 6 steps.

1. Select the cert you wish to install

2. Paste in your domains CSR

3. Fill in the admin contact details

4. Select the email address for confirmation

5. Click on link  in the email to confirm the cert

6. Cert generated.

As part of the redesign we are now doing a special offer on Rapid SSL certs, until Friday 12pm the 31st of November you can now purchase Rapid SSL certs for only €10 per annum.

Use coupon code 81BNHY0UW9C7D when signing up to avail of this discount.