What goes into a cloud?

Aidan | Articles | 24 October

We've been working very hard over the last few years in 'perfecting' the cloud model (as we define it!).

For us, cloud should deliver very high performance (as high as dedicated servers); it should offer availability and uptime and stability better than a physical server too. Resources should be elastic and scalable and pricing should be simple, inclusive and easy to understand. You should have a powerful API, GUI and Apps to get things done simply and effectively from anywhere, and it should come with good 24/7 support as standard!

We think we're almost there, but there is always more to be done and we love hearing from clients with detailed feedback and criticism that drives us forward!

Our latest Cloud platform has just gone live in New York, in the USA. We're very proud of the platform and this latest iteration, and would love to share with you some details on it's construction!

So, here's a little 'cloud recipe'!

The Hardware!

First and foremost, here at dediserve we believe in building true, enterprise grade, no point of failure platforms which we -then- turn into clouds. So, we start with the best servers in the world - HP Blades:

Each individual blade runs two Intel Xeon Processors with lots of cores at 2.93Ghz, has 96GB RAM, 2 local SSD's for boot and Xen Dom0 and 40Gbps of networking capacity.

In addition, the Blade chassis provides extremely redundant, fully hot pluggable power, cooling, and an array of redundant modules around the back for server management, networking and more.

Stacks of these blades, all with redundant multiple 10Gbps connections out to the internet, management networks, backup networks, NFS storage Networks and SAN networks (to name a few!) connect to our SAN Clusters.

With Fully redundant active:active filer heads and trays and trays of SSD drives, our Storage Arrays provide stable, reliable Storage with excellent performance.

On top of the amazing hardware, we run Xen virtualisation, orchestrated by OnApp, a combination we've been using for almost 4 years and one we know inside and out!

Changes and improvements we've made in New York will allow us to start delivering Cloud Storage as a standalone service soon, as well as introducing a new Flash / Fusion IO based Storage tier, for customers who have massive IO needs. We've also modified heavily the networking for backups, meaning that on demand snapshots will resolve much faster, and we're checking the possibility of being able to allow daily snapshot schedules again.

Dedicated NFS networking means we can offer very high speed, high performance NFS mounts - ideal for easily sharing data between multiple load balanced servers, for example.

We try to innovate and improve constantly and love receiving your feedback - existing customers should check their emails for our Newsletter which outlines how you can win an iPad for doing just that!

What's more - check out the current offer - you can buy nodes on this amazing cloud for half price!! http://www.dediserve.com/new-york-cloud-special-50-off-for-life/

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