Spread The Load

Aidan | Articles | 25 July

Why use Load Balancing?

At its most basic form Load Balancing allows you to distribute requests to multiple cloud servers. This can be web requests for your popular blog, ad network, or social media site or a different protocol like memcache or MySQL. Server Load Balancing automatically provides 2 benefits - increased capacity, and high availability. For increased capacity requests are now sent to an unlimited amount of real servers, instead of being sent to a single machine. Secondly, if one of the application servers is unavailable, the Load Balancer is smart enough to direct traffic to the remaining online cloud servers thereby allowing your website or application to survive individual server failures and deliver high availability.

Dediserve load balancers are based on Layer 4 load balancing which means that requests are distributed at the transport layer such as TCP/UDP transport protocols. You simply specify the port for the load balancer to run on (e.g. 9090, 8080, 9008 etc.)

What's the cost?

To add a load balancer to your account simply sign up for a half node plan and open a support ticket listing your two web servers and the port on which you want these to be load balanced on.

If you are currently running a single web server, you will need to build out a second web server in order for this to work correctly.

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