Why Your Server should be in the Cloud

Aidan | Articles | 26 June

Over the last couple of years, the use of the word “cloud” has been associated with just about every hosting product coming onto the market.This has lead to some real confusion to just what is “the cloud”.

Here at dediserve we define the cloud as simply:

“Spreading your infrastructure needs and requirements across traditional technologies and hardware using virtualisation technologies to provide a higher level of redundancy and availability than was previously achievable”

What that means is “the cloud” is not a re-invention of the wheel, it’s simply a better way ultizing existing technologies in a new way to better suit the modern day needs of businesses and individuals in the internet sphere.It removes the need for your traditional dedicated  server to go down again, whether that be through malicious users or hardware failure or even maintenance, as your actual server information is not stored in a single physical location.

The Cloud as such allows for hardware failure, it even allows for your data centre to completely shut down as your data simply fails over  to available nodes in a completely different data centre.What Cloud technology is actually now providing us with, better than ever before is with true high availability hosting with true redundancy within a price  range that is now available to everyone and every organisation.

Cloud technology is a fast growing sector as more people and organisations start to get to grips on what cloud technology means to them and the financial savings that it brings.The technology itself will continue to improve in terms of how it performs certain actions. But one thing is for certain cloud technology is here to stay and the sooner that organisations and people grasp and utilize its power the sooner they’ll start to see the benefits both in cost and uptime

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