Cloud Upgrades and Retrofits

Aidan | Announcements | 18 June

Here at dediserve towers we've been a little more quiet than usual of late! The reason for our relative silence has been extensive research, development and tweaking of our latest, greatest version of our cloud platform - which, hard to believe, is now in version 6!

Having been rolled out in Dublin 2, and polished some more, we're now happy, with the benefits of three years of providing cloud machines to thousands of happy clients in 5 locations, that we've "nailed" many little niggles.

Providing cloud longer than most all others in the market, gives us a unique advantage and 'head start' when it comes to understanding and building for reliability, performance and at scale.

The new platform designs includes these great features!

- Entirely built using HP Blade servers

- Exclusively 10 Gigabit HP and Cisco Networking

- 20 Gigabit Capacity per Hypervisor

- Massive 600gbps Backplane

- Latest Generation, NetApp SAN and NAS arrays with 15k SAS and massive SSD

In addition to the physical changes, we've added dedicated backup blades, offloading the backup tasks from the hypervisors, leading to a much faster backup completion and much more efficient backup queue processing!

What does it all mean?

Faster performing cloud servers, hugely improved disk I/O (up to 400MB/sec per VM in our tests), much faster backup completion, much faster task operations (deployments, reboots,restarts etc). Basically everything gets turbo charged for no change in costs!


We plan to upgrade the existing clouds, commencing in two weeks in the following order:

- Dublin 2 - Nearly completed

- Dallas1

- London 1

- London 2

Would love to hear any feedback you might have or any questions.

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