New website launched!

Aidan | Announcements | 03 April

Welcome to the all-new dediserve website!

New dediserve website

After three years in business, we felt things needed a refresh and refocus!

What's new?

The site is now cleanly split in to three core areas  - Cloud Nodes, CDN and DNS.

Cloud nodes, replace both our cloud machines and cloud virtual datacentre models with a single, simple, node based resource pool model. Add resources to your pool, build any number of and specification server you need - total flexibility is key! We've also reduced prices and created several price tiers so nodes get cheaper the more you buy! (read more)

CDN 0ffers our new Content Delivery Network. Cache your content in over 60 global points of presence to give your users the best possible experience of your site or app! And, do it all for just €4.95 per month, and 5c per GB of data transferred! There are no other storage or hidden charges - just pay as you grow!

DNS offers our exciting new, powerful DNS platform. Will full redundancy and global replication, break free from your domain providers and handle your own DNS in the cloud! Completely free for 50 domains!

As always, we'd love your feedback! Let us know!

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