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True Cloud Portability From Dediserve

Written by Aidan | 21 October

One of the main concerns for most people when moving their infrastructure to the cloud is  the control and portability of that data -  can I download a copy of the machine image and move to another provider if I so choose?

Well now, thanks to our crack team of geeks, we are delighted to announce a beta release of a machine image tool that allows you to take and download a complete image of your server with us - one of the first cloud providers in the world to allow this.

This is currently live on all our platforms.

To download simply take a back-up of your machine and you will see a green arrow beside the back-up, click on this to download a complete image of your machine. This image is in OnApp Xen Machine image format - and can be uploaded directly to any other OnApp or many Xen powered cloud offerings.

We work hard to win your business, and just as hard to keep it - we don't believe in any form of lock in or lock down !