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How to create your own VPN Server in the cloud...

Written by Aidan | 15 August

Want to connect to your cloud servers over a secure, encrypted tunnel, or perhaps you'd like to push all your traffic through such a tunnel, ensuring the total privacy of your online activities?

With the Dediserve cloud - it could not be simpler! Follow these 5 simple steps and you will be running your own cloud VPN solution or service in just a few minutes!

1. From your cloud virtual datacentre GUI, or our order form, order a machine with at least 512MB of ram and choose the template for ClearOS 5.1 OpenVPN

2. Once the server builds, open your web-browser to https://your.server.ip.xx:81/admin

3. Run through the easy. 5 step install wizard - simply accept the defaults at every step.

4. Create a User under the Directory Menu

5.Connect using your new VPN service!


You'll find full documentation on OpenVPN here, as well as linked to clients, config options and more!