How to create your own VPN Server in the cloud...

Aidan | Security | 15 August

Want to connect to your cloud servers over a secure, encrypted tunnel, or perhaps you'd like to push all your traffic through such a tunnel, ensuring the total privacy of your online activities?

With the Dediserve cloud - it could not be simpler! Follow these 5 simple steps and you will be running your own cloud VPN solution or service in just a few minutes!

1. From your cloud virtual datacentre GUI, or our order form, order a machine with at least 512MB of ram and choose the template for ClearOS 5.1 OpenVPN

2. Once the server builds, open your web-browser to https://your.server.ip.xx:81/admin

3. Run through the easy. 5 step install wizard - simply accept the defaults at every step.

4. Create a User under the Directory Menu

5.Connect using your new VPN service!


ClearOS Template for OpenVPN in the cloud

You'll find full documentation on OpenVPN here, as well as linked to clients, config options and more!

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