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Dediserve cloud ranked the best performing in Europe!

Written by Aidan | 14 June

Having been independently benchmarked and ranked by , we wanted to share some of the impressive results with you!

Specifically, when compared to all other providers of public cloud in Europe - dediserve has ranked as the fastest / best performing cloud for LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP - the most common stack for running websites and apps).

Key findings:

  • dediserve occupy the first four places in the overall ranking.
  • the dediserve 1GB cloud machine even outperformed 16GB ram instances from Rackspace, Amazon and others.
  • the dediserve 16GB cloud machine is the best performing cloud machine in Europe for your site or app.
  • the Amazon AWS EC2 'Micro' Instance is the worst performing cloud machine option.

We are delighted to see the relative performance of our 1GB spec - a lot of horsepower for your site or application for only €39.95 per month! That makes our 1GB machine 5.5x faster than the worse performer - the EC2 Micro instance!

We've been ranked first in many other benchmark areas, which we'll share over the next few weeks with more detailed analysis!

Click the Graph for full size version. Click below to see the full table.


What was measured?

LAMP Performance Metric

This metric measures performance using LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) related benchmarks including mysql-bench, tpcc-mysql and phpbench

Included Benchmarks: