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Dediserve London Cloud Now Live

Written by Aidan | 04 May

We're delighted to announce our London Cloud platform is now out of Beta, thanks to all our loyal testers and bug spotters.

For those of our audience who are technically minded - the specs!

The London platform is a near identical replica of our existing Dublin installation, with some improvements and simplifications. Storage is provided by a pair of NetApp 3270 clusters each with a 1.9PB capacity and able to handle massive IO and maintain speedy performance and ultimate reliability at all times.

By only using high end SAN storage, rather than local disk, cheap SATA drives or 'home made' commodity SAN, we ensure our cloud machines can maintain high IO with low latency and do so reliably, all the time. We're fast becoming the home of many database driven, intensive and ecommerce sites as a result!

On the compute side, our Hypervisor nodes are HP DL380 latest model servers with 12 Cores of Intel Xeon X5670 processors, at 2.93Ghz with 12M Cache and 6.4GT/s.

With these high performance nodes, coupled to a massively redundant, cisco powered SAN and Network back-plane we can offer screaming performance while maintaining class leading reliability.

On top of this physical layer, runs our Cloud management platform, xen powered, by OnApp, it ensures reliable running, provides full API and user interfaces, and can hot migrate work loads (cloud machines) as required to maintain reliable running and maximum performance for all customers.

As a 'true' cloud, the dediserve cloud platform allows you to scale in real time, entirely automatically on demand, and can recover from any physical failures with zero or minimal impact to running servers, entirely automatically with self-healing technology.

In simple terms, if something fails, you wont have to get out of bed at night (and neither do we :) )

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