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ISPAdmin Template Now Live

Written by Aidan | 10 February

We are pleased to announce the roll-out of our new ISP Admin template which is built on the  Debian 5.0 operating system. ISP Admin is a complete management and billing system for small ISPs and particularly targets Wireless ISPs.

It is a proven and stable system that is currently used by more than 350 providers all around the world.

Additional Screenshots can be found Here.

ISP admin automatically performs the options of firewall, shaping, QOS. Presently it fully supports routers based on Linux and Mikrotik systems. The application further supports the internet provided through a cable television distribution (CATV). In this case the system insures the CMTS management and cable modems. ISP admin also supports automatic updates of firewall, Mangle and QueueTree.

It is an extensive project, which provides namely:
- Administration and general network management
- Records of end clients including project graphs of particular clients
- Managing client services, the material used, a photo -    documentation, service missions, etc.
- Advisory for clients with its possible mass distribution
- Managing contracts and documents, back-ups and user export
- Monitoring appliances in the net and reporting their possible failures
- Monitoring system Nagios
- Server statistics (e.g. utilization of lines, CPU, memory and other statistics of the process ongoing in a server)
- Planning module includes extended possibilities to plan engineersĀ“ activities for their efficient use

The invoicing module is a part of the system. Every month invoices to all clients are automatically made out. The invoices are consequently shipped in PDF format via email. The system checks the settlement of the invoices according to a bank statement imported and if a settlement is overdue, it automatically suspends the services to a client.

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