Private Cloud Datacentre Goes Live

Aidan | Announcements | 20 October

We're delighted to annouce we have now rolled out another excellent product on our cloud platform - Cloud Datacentre.

What is a Cloud Datacentre?

Basically instead of buying cloud machines as a single instance, you can now for a fixed monthly price, buy a pool of resources to be used how and when you like. Our default cloud DC starts with 10GB Ram, 10 Cores , and 250GB of Fiber channel SAN Storage.

Examples for SME's could include deploying a SugarCRM template , Asterik PBX for phone Systems, Magento for your shopping Cart , Wordpress template server for your Blog , a PHPbb Forum for your site, all running on their own servers, all managed via a single interface and all for a fixed monthly fee.

Check out our selection of templates for more idea's on what you can do with your cloud machines -

Also from our web based control panel interface you can now deploy as many machines as you like, running whatever operating system or template that you like. Upgrade/downgrade the machines at any time. Monitor CPU usage, network traffic, emergency console in if there is  any issues.

Cloud Private DC control panel

With the dediserve cloud datacentre, you can run your own private cloud.

Consolidate dedicated servers, colocated infrastructure, VPS and shared hosting as well as in-house application servers and testing environments to a single, flexible, cost effective private cloud.

With access to a comprehensive management interface you can create, edit and destroy cloud machines, on demand, from your dedicated pool of resources.

Talk to us Today about the solution that best fits your business.

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