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Dediserve 2.0 Live

Written by Aidan | 23 September

We're delighted to announce, after a couple of very busy months, the launch of our new cloud platform & website  which we rolled into a live environment yesterday afternoon. So what's changed?

In terms of the underlying physical infrastructure, nothing's changed , however before we weren't fully ultizing the full power of our cloud platform and were offering only limited specificationss and features. This allowed us to cut through any teething problems and start focusing on offering a true cloud platform. By using the Cloud OS , we were better able to harness our cloud infrastructure into a customer based product and offer the current selection of cloud machines , ranging from 512mb to 8gb of Ram and up to 180Gb of high speed SAN storage.

We now are also now able to offer a huge selection of  cloud based hosted solutions including: E-mail , VOIP solutions , back-ups , hosted desktops web hosting solutions. We are basically now able to provide SME's and individuals a complete outsourced office solution in the cloud - phone , website  , email , desktop , file systems - access your data from anywhere on the move, perfect for a busy company on the move.

If the above explanation is confusing don't worry we've also made a great video explaining exactly what we do , Check it out! , thanks to igloo animations for this , they really nailed what we were trying to convey!

Another great new feature is our excellent list of application templates - We now provide a comprehensive list of pre-installed application stacks of all the most popular opensource software , allowing you to quickly and easily deploy machines that do what you need them to do within minutes. Save huge amounts of time and hassle by instantly bringing online servers ready for purpose!

We've also been listening to invaluable feedback over the last couple of months from existing customers. With that feedback we are happy to also announce we are also now supporting Microsoft Windows cloud machines. Windows server 2003 and 2008 , as well as probably the most popular server control panel software on the planet - cpanel , aswell as plesk and virtualmin.

As exciting as that is, the hard work doesn't stop here for us :)  We have an very exciting roadmap of innovation. Some teasers include offering storage only solutions , iphone / android applications for server management , Red Hat  / Slackware OS support. Additional clouds on UK and US ip ranges and much, much more.

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