Investment Boost for Dediserve

Aidan | Announcements | 28 March

Dediserve Secures €1 million Investment for Expansion

One year into its operation and Irish virtual hosting provider Dediserve today announced that it has secured a €1 million cash injection to fund its growth.  The company is planning an aggressive expansion plan for 2010 to include local and European acquisitions, opening sites in additional data centres and increasing staff numbers.  The funding, which came from a private investment group, will be used to finance these plans as well as to market the company’s virtual server products and further develop its software platform.

With a growing base of international customers, Dediserve is planning to open up sites in data centres in the USA and UK as well as in Dublin in the second quarter of this year.    “We hope to enable customers to chose their virtual servers’ location this year as more sites are opened.  The ability to offer hosting with IP ranges that traverse national boundaries will be of great benefit to international customers with critical hosting needs,” said Aidan McCarron, founder and managing director.

McCarron is a former general manager of Register365 where he handled large accounts like Daft Media, Bord Gais and TV3.   Recognising the potential for server virtualisation he fostered the technology behind the company’s virtual server products.

The company’s expansion comes as Virtual Private Servers (VPS) increase in popularity as a hosting solution due to their relative low cost and high resilience.  Virtualisation enables server and data storage needs to be safely and securely pooled amongst a number of customers, removing the need for an expensive dedicated hosting service.

“Many businesses using their own servers, or a dedicated hosting service, are not likely to be using them to their fullest capacity.  By outsourcing to a virtualised hosting provider businesses need only pay for the capacity they need at a given time.  This makes for substantial savings on hardware and running costs,”  added McCarron.

Gartner Inc. estimates that 55% of all new workloads will be deployed on virtual servers this year, up from 40% in 2009.   In May 2009 IDC reported that in Western Europe for the first time ever, the number of virtual machine shipments exceeded the number of physical servers shipped, topping 2 million units.

Dediserve has developed its own control panel and software to fast track and simplify the set up of servers. with a new server functional in under 10 minutes.  Packages start at €20 per month for 30 GB storage and 512MB of memory.  When compared to the average €200 per month cost of traditional dedicated servers, Dediserve can deliver significant cost savings.

“Virtualisation has massive potential as an alternative to dedicated hosting and offers the specifications to compete on performance, while vastly saving on costs.  With our service we’ve opened up the possibilities for those still using older dedicated hosting to easily enjoy all that virtualisation has to offer,” said McCarron

Dediserve’s offices are located in the Digital Depot in Dublin.  Its servers are currently held in the Cable and Wireless data centre at Clonshaugh in Dublin.

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